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Roman was born in Jihlava on 19 January 1976 and spent his childhood in the nearby village of Dobronín.

Thanks to his father, a drummer, he first touched the drums at the age of three. Overwhelmed with the instrument he spent all of his free time at the drums and his parents could not make him stop drumming.

As soon as possible he began to attend the Basic Music School in Jihlava, where he studied the drums and the piano. As a hardworking and purpose-oriented pupil he was accepted by Miloš Veselý, professor of drumming in Prague, at the age of 16. The six years spent with Professor Veselý enriched him with valuable experience, and resulted in overall improvement of his drumming technique and full unfolding of his talent.

In the beginning he mostly played rock music, but as the time went he became more and more interested in jazz, which has become his greatest love. Even though he is open to any music style, jazz is his style of choice.

He began his career of drummer in small bands in his surroundings, such as Healthy Blood of Jihlava. In 1999 he was addressed by Polensky Big Band of Jiří Šíma, where he was active for two years. As he wanted to continue to study jazz, he began to play the drums in RS Band of Brno, where he met musicians from Gustav Brom band.

In 2002 he appeared in Prague at the Yamaha Drummer Meeting.

He has also made several studio recordings, performed as a stand-in drummer in other bands, held drumming seminars and composed his own drum music.

In 2006 he cooperated with the Lewron Orchestra at the Multimedia Show of Vichry.

At present he works on his own project and plays with Pankix and Electric Lady. 


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